The GrubHub Effect

In today’s evolving restaurant industry, new data shows that businesses using GrubHub see real business benefits. GrubHub partnered with a leading economics firm to understand how its services and technology impact restaurants’ bottom lines. The results show that restaurants using GrubHub are increasing revenue and improving efficiency while satisfying the needs of online consumers.

Economic Impact Study 2015


After joining GrubHub, takeout order volume increased by an average of20%

+100 One in five restaurants receives more than 100 additional takeout orders per month than they did prior to joining GrubHub.


45 seconds The average time it takes to process a GrubHub order, thanks to GrubHub technology. No more dropped calls or taking payment information.

3xGrubHub’s technology allows restaurants to process nearly 3x as many orders as they would over the phone.


With GrubHub, restaurants grew monthly takeout revenue by 30%

Small restaurants using GrubHub saw a revenue increase of 50%

Revenue growth by GrubHub restaurants vs. those without 6x

“With the tools from GrubHub, I don’t have to be answering the phone to accept orders. It gives me enough time to focus on what I love to do the most, which is cooking.”

Badara "Badou" Diakate
Owner of Badou Senegalese Cuisine

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“Seamless has had an incredible impact on the growth and efficiency of my restaurants. My family has been in Manhattan’s restaurant industry for almost 40 years, and I love introducing older generations to this powerful tool.”

Dimitri Kapelonis
Owner of NatureWorks

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“We grew our business from nothing to actually making it each month. GrubHub has really made a big difference.”

Rolan Pongpuntara
Co-owner of Chomp Eatery & Juice Station

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“After joining GrubHub about a year ago, our delivery and pickup orders have increased and become an essential part of our business.

Mayly Tao
Co-owner of DK's Donuts and Bakery

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What is ‘The GrubHub Effect’?

In 2015, economists measured the impact of GrubHub on restaurants’ revenue, order volume and efficiency. Download the full report to learn more about how restaurants across the U.S. turn to GrubHub to build profitable businesses.

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